By contacting Nixin Design, and instructing us to carry out work you are entering into a legally binding contract as set out by UK law - to which you abide. It is also accepted that you have read and understood our terms and conditions.

    This offer exists to all print design hourly rates for all jobs taken on before the end of September 2009. Instead of £30 per hour, you only pay £15 per hour plus VAT. Management have the right to remove this offer at any time.

    All website offers, print offers, special offers require payment in advance. Any print offers extended to account customers are on the basis that accounts are settled within our terms stated below. If customers would like to discuss account terms then we will be happy to try and accommodate all customers (Contact me on 07912159178).

    Website's will usually incur an up front fee of 50% of the total price of the site (at our discretion). Outstanding balances will be due either 1 month from the date of commencement, or 14 days after completion, whichever is the shortest. Websites will not be started until a deposit payment has been received and cleared. If customers would like to discuss account terms then I will be happy to try and accommodate all customers (Contact me on 07912159178). You may obtain a copy of your website on disk on request at an extra charge of £50 per site.

    Websites on account (agreed) will be invoices 30 days after commencement of works on the website, in for the form of communication. Full payment will be required on completion of the site or within 2 months of the commencement of works. Failure to provide information to finish the site will not be a reason to with-hold payment, and in the event of such an event - Nixin Design reserve the right to invoice companies for any administration work and interest on all works from the start of work.

    Cancellation of printing by the customer will incur all design costs completed, and a cancellation fee of £15+VAT will be made for print where we are charged cancellation fees by our suppliers. If printing has commenced on the press, we will charge a fee reasonable for the amount of work completed up to 100% of the full cost for print work.

    All website hosting prices are charged yearly in advance, no refunds will be given for customers wishing to cancel before their year is complete - these fees are chargeable on commencement of each project. Cancellations of website design will incur charges equal to our hourly rate for the time spent on the project plus a £15 cancellation fee to cover administration. We reserve the right to withhold / remove services until works completed are paid for in full - in accordance with our payment terms. Customers may be liable for costs incurred for removal and reinstatement of their site due to insufficient payment.

    Account terms are strictly net 14 days from date of invoice. Late payments will incur a £10 admin fee plus an interest charge of 2.5% on the total per month. We reserve the right to charge monthly account fees for customers spending less than £25 month to cover administration at £7.50 per monthly invoice. We reserve the right to take down all services supplied if accounts have not been paid according to our terms and conditions.

    Customers must obtain the correct permission for the use of any text / photo's / illustrations / images for use in their publications, material, artwork or website. Any items listed above (but not limited to) provided to Nixin Design will be assumed to have full copyright permission to be used in the clients material, printing, artwork or website. We will not be liable for copyright infringement from any material provided or approved by the customer.

    Nixin Design reserve the right to retain rights of ownership for all work carried out by our company. Customers paying for works are only buying the right to use the finished piece of completed work on each specific project. Nixin Design have no obligation to supply files used in the creation of any of our work, and will only release such material if release fees are paid. If you wish to use artwork supplied by Nixin Design on further material we need to be notified so that appropriate fees can be levied. Eg. You buy an original painting - you have the right to display it, but not to copy it.

    Proofs will be checked, but to keep costs down customers are encouraged to check their own artwork and wording thoroughly. After artwork has been approved by the customer, Nixin Design will take no responsibility for any errors found afterwards, and full payment will be required for print work that has been signed off that has then been produced. Website alterations with errors found after it has gone live will not incur extra charges for its correction, unless these are excessive or they are the fault of the customer, where our normal charges will apply.

    Although we aim to meet all deadlines on the specified date, we give no guarantee of delivery dates. From time to time problems do arise that are out of our control, and although these are few and far between, can result in delays. We therefore advise that all date critical jobs are ordered with at least a couple of days extra just to be on the safe side. We do however meet over 95% of our print deadlines.

    Quotes are valid for 30 days. Any alterations from the quote will be charged pro-rata.