• Designer websites £799+VAT

    Designer sites are ones which require a lot of custom graphical content where the buyer wants the site to really make a strong visual impression. This could include eye catching unique artwork / illustration, fancy programming, flash animation or some java scripting. More time will be spent designing buttons, rollover images, backgrounds and the overall look of the site to make it look a cut above the rest. Recommended to people trying ot create the right image for their product or service where image is important.

    Typical work flow:
    We will consult with you about your requirements, and find a suitable domain name (giving you a few options of what is available) and then design a quick site proof (including dummy info) to get the ball rolling. During this time try to collate pictures and content for the page along with any information you would like on the site so when the design is confirmed we can make the site for you and enter the content. The page template can be altered to suit your requirements but should be signed off before content is added.

    After the content is entered, you will have the option to check it online and make minor refinements before it is made live.

    We will then complete the site and set up email on our servers (upto 3 addresses) and pass on the information so you can set up your email.

    Typical turnaround times would be 4 weeks and 50% advance rest on completion.

    Our designer web sites usually have the following:

    Domain name

    tick .co.uk
    1 Years hosting tick FREE
    Google submission tick FREE
    Number of pages tick 10
    Number of email addresses tick 10
    Content management tick simple
    Storage space tick 500MB
    Bandwidth tick Unlimited
    Email storage tick 500MB
    Stock photography tick 20
    Server reliability tick 99.9%
    Page navigation tick Graphical
    Extra pages x +£35
    Extra stock photos x +£5
    Extra emails x +£5 ea
    Extra years hosting inc .co.uk domain x £35
    On site email setup x £40